Packing and Protection

packing and protection Koldon Moving in Lake Zurich

Packing and Protection

A key to a good move is proper packing and protection – and we know how to do it.

Our highly-trained van operators and packing crews will turn your move into a simple process for your whole family. Packing is done room-by-room to make unloading and unpacking orderly.

There’s nothing we can’t prepare, pack, pad, and move safely for you … no matter how delicate or odd-shaped. We inventory every single one of your belongings before we begin loading. All items, including cartons, receive numbered stickers that correspond to their written description and condition. Our skilled crews know how to handle appliances properly to prevent internal damage. We can also arrange for pre- and post-move services to make sure your appliances are properly unhooked and connected.

We have the know-how and the proper materials for the delicate and the hard-to-handle.

Additionally, we are your source for crating and boxes.  Contact us for pricing on any aspect of packing, crating and containment needs.

Thick, cushioned pads are used to protect your furniture and other articles.